Friday, November 20, 2009

Recap of the Day

Of my life today:

1. Woke up with my lights still on, computer on my lap. Didn’t move apparently after falling asleep to Texts From Last Night.
2. Followed Stadium and Shrines. Re-fell in love with Dave Sutton.
3. Listened to Beach House. Seriously evaluated the pros and cons of dropping out of college and becoming an indie rock star.
4. Witnessed a Vietnamese dance-off to the Pokemon theme song. And got paid for it.
5. Thought about running for the whateverth-day in a row. Ate two bowls of cinnamon toast crunch instead.
6. Made it to Political Science. Listened to Santa Clause talk about cockroaches. We’re all gonna suffer. No money. Government hates you. Jacksons rolling in his grave because he’s on paper money.
7. Daydreamt of holding hands with someone down Grafton Street, during the holiday season where all the wreaths are hung up above the cobblestone roads, and where everyone wears peacoats and happy Irish smiles.
8. Worked ten hours. (Didn’t work for eight of those hours at work.)
9. Sat in an office. Played office. Stamped “entered” and “inactive” on my graded essay just to feel like a grown-up.
10. Thought about him. All day long. Can’t get him outta my head. Have no idea why. Such an impossibility. Such a paradox of a situation. Thought about what it is to be in lust. Three months. Realized at the end of the day, I just wanted him to be happy. Couldn’t imagine not wanting him to be happy. Realized, for the first time in a long time, I might be approaching love. I hope he gets here.

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